As leaders, and despite our best endeavours, we recognise that it’s sometimes difficult to pull yourself out of our tried and true patterns to experience something we know is possible, but don’t quite know how to do...yet. Traditional training programmes invite us to develop our capabilities, but often ways that make it unclear how to apply these new capabilities to our work. We believe that the workplace offers us all of the ‘raw material’ we need to develop not only our capacity and skills as leaders but our overall CAPACITY as leaders.

Is this you?

  • A visionary leader who has a desire and agency to make change happen 
  • You recognise this work is best enacted with others through the power of peer learning
  • You have tried various leadership, change and transformation programs but have struggled to apply what you’ve learnt in your work environments 
  • You sense there is another way to approach collective leadership, but need help knowing where and how to start.
  • Leaders who have asked and thought deeply, “What would it look like for my organization to thrive?

Course Details

In-Person Live Facilitated Workshop

For two days in March, we invite you (and up to 4 team members) to experience a ‘tasting platter’ of embodied collective leadership experiences designed for you to step in, be open, courageous and learn through doing.

In this workshop, you will be invited...

  • To explore... for yourself and in community, not just what is working, but the deeper challenges and shadows around what is not working
  • To see… raise your awareness of what is going on in your organization, within your team and within yourself
  • To embody… sense into situations and feelings that are largely unaddressed in organizations and how this shows up in our own bodies e.g. failure, grief, joy and celebration
  • Too see & feel… hold tension around as well as appreciate the complexities of the situations we are facing
  • To learn… how to sense into deeper places of knowing beyond the intellectual reasoning areas that we often rely on
  • To create, envision, practice and play… collaborate with your team members to design, modify and implement practices that give you what you need

Meet your Hosts

Lucía Die Gil

Lucía has spent the last decade developing a deep practice of relationship, discovering what is possible as we strengthen our ability to hold more - within ourselves and together with others. 


Her balanced approach opens the doors to possibilities that may seem inaccessible at first. She combines her capacity to see and name the unspoken with self-management practices, conscious leadership frameworks, social innovation tools and others that she integrates as she keeps learning and unlearning.

Susan Basterfield

Susan Basterfield is a catalyst and convener who believes that awareness and discernment can unblock drains and move mountains. Her work includes standing shoulder to shoulder with leaders and organizations on their transformational journeys, and convening virtual development programs, including the Practical Self-Management Intensive. Susan is co-author of Lead Together: the bold, brave, intentional path to scaling your business and Better Work Together: how the power of community can transform your business

Sarah Durlacher

Sarah has spent her career researching, testing and scaling business environments to be emergent, collaborative and human-centered. 

She focuses on building the skills and mindsets that are critical for people to interact with each other in kind and more effective ways.

Mary O'Keefe

Mary is a collaboration coach, trainer and facilitator weaving together agile practices, emergent organisational change and self-management practices.

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Coromandel 7-9 March 2021

Mana Retreat Centre

Arrival Sunday 7th March from 4 PM

Depart Tuesday 9th at 2PM

ALL INCLUSIVE including private accommodation and all meals.

Wellington 11-12 March 2021

Wellington Zoo, Archibald Centre

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th March 9AM - 4PM

Includes lunch and snacks.

Maximum 25 participants per retreat

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11-12 March 2021


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7-9 March 2021


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11-12 March 2021


Pay it Forward - Coromandel (GST not applicable)

7-9 March 2021

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